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Somfy, Kravet, Duralee, Lee Jofa


Somfy ® ST50 Sonesse™ 110V AC Wired Motor, Somfy ® LT50 ILT 120V AC Network Motor Electronic Limit Switch, Somfy ® ST50 Sonesse™ ILT 110V Ac Network Motor, Somfy ® ST30 Sonesse™ 30 RTS 24V DC Motor, Somfy ® ST30 Sonesse™ 30 RS485 24V DC Motor, Somfy ® LT30 IR RollUp WireFree™ 12V Battery Operated Motor, Duralee Pattern 51146, Duralee Pattern 53144, Duralee Pattern 51348, Duralee Pattern 51350, kravet Pattern 3510, kravet pattern 3626, kravet pattern 3786, kravet Pattern 9662, kravet Pattern 9737, kravet Pattern 9745, kravet Pattern 9780, kravet Pattern 9821, kravet Pattern 9872, kravet Pattern 9889, lee jofa Pattern 3013, lee jofa pattern 3014, lee jofa pattern 2006230


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Although curtains are a great solution for blocking out light, sometimes they can make a room feel a bit too heavy. Sheer curtains are great because they still let in some light, but make a room feel airy and open.

Depending on the color and density, sheers can change the whole mood of the room. They fill the area with light that's diffused by whatever color you choose. Brighter sheers will make a room feel like it's glowing, while darker, denser sheers help reduce glare.

Ask a Horizon staff member how you can add convenience and elegance to your curtains by installing an electrically-assisted system.


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