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Whether you're a designer in the city, or working on a project here from out of town, Horizon lets you focus on the whole project and finish quickly, efficiently and effortlessly. Consultations can be arranged on short-notice, so you can worry about clients, contractors, painters and everyone else involved, knowing that the window treatments are in the hands of the best.


    Why Work With Us

- Problem windows can be easily tackled
- Focus on the design, not the work
- Fast and informative response, from quoting to advice
- Nothing but high-quality materials on all projects

Experts at Horizon offer technical support with your projects, ensuring the job gets done in the quickest and best way. Receive a quote as fast as possible, sometimes on the same day. Send or upload your floor plan, a rough sketch, or even an image of a window you have questions with, and get a quick response with pricing and yardage from Horizon.

It's likely that you already have preferred fabric companies. Whether it's through our selection of designer fabrics or your own, we can customize to help bring your vision to life.


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- 75 Wall Street  
- 1 Northside Piers
 - 845 UN Plaza    - 22 North 6th Street
 - 177 9th Avenue    


some of our past projects
elliptical brunetto, golden brown sheer curtains, luxurious, hospitality design, buffet space, dining, wall decor, andaz hotel, wall street new york
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