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The function and efficiency of an entire room can be greatly impacted by the size and placement of windows, as well as the materials used in treatment. When it comes to window treatments specification, Horizon can solve any problem and excel in providing you the very best service.

  Technical Capabilities:

- Highly skilled in combining mechanical and creative aspects
- Quick, efficient and practical responses
- Offer installation and instruction about each product
- Addressing windows of any size and shape

If you have technical queries about products, whether it's with hardware or an entire home automation, specialists at Horizon can provide their expertise. Upon consultation, someone can come to you with samples of colors and materials, and give any feedback on window treatment to ensure a effective, high-quality finish to your whole project. You can send your blueprints, sketches or questions, and expect a response that's quick and useful.


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- 75 Wall Street   - 1 Northside Piers
 - 845 UN Plaza    - 22 North 6th Street
 - 177 9th Avenue    


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motorized solar shade screens, pinch pleat curtains, living room, 101 warren street, new  york city
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